• Online infrastructure advanced web platform – deployment of highly flexible Content Management System that follows the modern trends for web content management, SEO and adjustable URL addresses, with cross browser and cross device compatibility;
  • Implementation of design & branding standards for online services design, branding and re-branding; development of new online services branding standards for electronic media and blueprints for online services, developing new web design and UX GL
  • Content authoring professional team available for updates 24/7
  • e-commerce services/ tariff configurator stable and flexible e-business platform with e-shopping solution with advanced targeted marketing features, e–payment integration, electronic ordering of the products and e-top up in prepaid
  • e-care self care web application, with activation & ordering features and targeted marketing modules
  • Signing portal for business customers Full SME/SOHO online care, digital signing of contacts & annexes
  • Mobile apps Mobile internet based, native or hybrid; iOS, Android – focus on e-sales and e-care, combined business & entertainment 3 screens applications
  • Mobile Payment Innovative way of payment of products & services & commodities via mobile phone (SMS, bill payment/deduct, bank payment)
  • e-Payment portal Integrated solution for online payments of different bills (aggregator for bill payments) & top up
  • FAQ module Help & Support - Application that offers intelligent solution for Q&As, video /animated presentation of content, integrated chat and forum, ticket opening, personalized part. Admin panel for back stuff.
  • Custom development of products and services Nextsense experts support in technical and UX design of the solution
  • Online surveys based on the client’s needs Customer satisfaction surveys for certain products/services or campaign
  • E-UX Search engine optimization and customer-centric eUser Experience
  • Statistical module Intelligent statistical solution with automated reporting, based on predefined parameters
  • Online marketing e-newsletters; e-business related marketing campaigns, banners preparation, online advertising; contextual, targeted social media marketing (Innovative integrated marketing on site and on external and social media)