The Nextsense support department is established to provide the most competent and most professional support that can be received at the market for wider circle of clients. In the past the support that was provided by Nextsense was limited only for clients that bought software or services from Nextsense.  Because of the increased demand for these kinds of services from other clients, Nextsense decided to offer this service as a separate service.

Managing effective and punctual support is crucial in retaining our customers. In order to fully serve the needs of our customers in the Professional Services department a separate unit, the Support department, was formed. Our mission is to deliver maximum quality and attention to detail in our working in order to maximize our customers’ satisfaction.

The structure of the department is very simple, designed in a way that the support will be delivered in quickest possible way.The department is led by the Support Manager, who is responsible for overseeing the delivering of support to customers. Technical support is subdivided into 2 tiers (or levels) in order to better serve a business or customer base. The reason for providing a multi-tiered support system instead of one general support group is to provide the best possible service in the most efficient possible manner.

In the 1st tier are technicians who are capable of performing certain troubleshooting solutions to help ensure that the intricacies of a challenging issue are solved. This may include, but is not limited to, onsite installations or replacement of various hardware components, software repair, diagnostic testing, and the utilization of remote control tools used to take over the user’s machine for the sole purpose of troubleshooting and finding a solution to the problem.

If a problem is new and/or personnel from this group cannot determine a solution, they are responsible for raising this issue with the 2nd tier build from engineers. The engineers are responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced problems. These individuals are experts in their fields and are responsible for not only assisting Tier 1 personnel, but also with the research and development of solutions to new or unknown issues.

The Support Account Manager is responsible for keeping customer satisfaction at the maximum level. The Support Account Manager takes care of the “Four R’s” of incident management — record, route, resolve, and reporting of incidents.