Electronic archive

Companies’ daily working produces great quantity of paper. Traditional archive becomes massive, hard to maintenance and encumbers document searching. Regarding legal regulations every document in the company had to store, save and archive for legally defined period.

The increased usage of document digitalization systems and the changes in the archiving legislation have brought a necessity for the implementation of electronic Office Register and electronic archive.

Nextsense electronic Archive system is designed for all type of companies, to cover the processes of document registration and working with book of records. /record book

The system simplifies, facilitates and regulates the manner and technique of action upon receipt, review and document classification.

Electronic Archive functionalities:

  • Record book
  • Internal book
  • Assigning documents to employees/departments
  • Notifications
  • Document categorization and searching
  • History of document changes and assignments
  • Electronic stamp, bar code, confidentiality stamp
  • Confirmation of document receipt in archive
  • Mail Book, Invoice Book
  • Listing of documentary material with expired date of storage
  • Digital input of documents in others business processes
  • Electronic reception of documents
  • Separate Office Register for eActs
  • Software administration (types, departments, Register of acts …)

Import of documents

All received documents in the list “Working Documents” wait to be processed by the member with role “Archivist” which can be more than one employee. “Archivist” is system user that enters document information. It includes all important fields of Office register that describes the document as archive number, date of receipt, subject, sender…

Electronic Reception of documents

Receipt of the documents is provided by scan to mail functionality or with manual attach of the document in “Working documents” folder. Also by using web services, the system provides electronic receiving of the documents sent from other systems. The eArchive is the entry point for all documents within the company and facilitate the document management and document handling processes. System support document receiving from more archiving points in the company to one central location.

Document review

Depends from the role in the system and the status users can access to categorized documents:

  • Working documents (interface just for Archivist)
  • Documents waiting my answer
  • Documents in process
  • Returned documents
  • Reserved documents (review for Archivist and advance users)
  • Documents waiting for dissolution
  • Dissolution documents
  • Closed documents
  • Documents for my direct reports

The system automatically suggests the next free archive number or sub-number for already entered document and place the electronic stamp on the defined position on the document.

Document confidentiality

The system offers an ability to define the degree of document confidentiality. You can place an electronic stamp “Confidential” on each document page depending of confidential degree. A document can be declared as a secret, giving the privilege to read the document just the person who directly distributes it.

eArchive allows adding of unique identification bar code on the first page of archived document. Thus, in the future you can find the needed document in the system by using bar code reader.

The eArchive is the entry point for all documents within the company and allows digitalization and categorization of documentary material as well as process standardization of document entering in the system.

Other systems integration

eArchive system is developed on Microsoft platform and as basic system for storing electronic version of documents provides complete integration with systems that has need of electronic documents.

Document searching

One of the main benefit of the eArchive system is easy way of archive documents searching and accessibility. Users can search the related documents to them by documents parameters.





Automatic document entering by scanner

Manually document entering in the system

Assigning documents to employees/departments

Sending output document by mail

History of document changes and assignments

Connection of documents with other documents

Dissolution documents

Document categorization

Register of acts

Fast and advance searching

Record Book (review, filter and print)

Internal book (review, filter and print)

Notifications (assigning, reminders, status)



Electronic stamp


Confidential document


Register of acts


Review by document type


Reserved archive number


Confirmation of document receipt in archive



Postal Book



List of documents to be destroyed



List of documents for my direct reports



Bar code stamp and reading



More companies



Stamp for confidentiality degree



Overview of separated types in register of acts (invoice, contracts)



Multiserver farm



Integration with other systems



Web services for integration with other systems



Electronic reception of documents in eArchive from other systems