With the use of modern IT solutions we provide cost-efficiency, transparency, responsibility and easy follow up in the process of preparation, execution and daily coordination of the Government decisions.

The implementation of the unified informative system for business processes connected with preparation of materials for electronic session in the government Institutions.

The e-Cabinet represents basis for transformation of the methods of operation of the Government. The system has raised the operations of the Government to a new and advanced level by changing the way of thinking and behavior of the government officials.

At same time e-Cabinet provides better communication between the Ministries, exchange of documents, acts, opinions, etc., which are of interest in the process of electronic meetings of the Government.

The e-Cabinet system integrates multiple government institutions and processes into a well distributed and orchestrated process that transforms the paper-based process of preparation and execution of the government sessions into paperless process.

The system also provides: reduced time for preparation of materials for Government meetings; optimization and redefinition of the processes for preparation and approval of materials necessary for the meetings of the Government and in the Ministries; tracking of processes and measuring the performances of the civil servants who are participants in the process.

These capabilities result in:

  • easier process management,
  • increased performance and
  • enhanced capacity of the government processes

The e-Cabinet system facilitates governments with:

  • Workflow process for preparation, approval, submission, reception, desk management
  • Archiving of session materials
  • Preparation of the meeting agenda, access to all materials and presentation module
  • Publishing the Government Sessions agenda and decisions to public