Approximation of the national legislation with the EU Acquis

The system for the allocation of the EU acquis to the responsible institutions for transposition is based on the database of the EU legislation which is regularly updated with new and modified EU measures.

One of the biggest advantages of the software solution for allocation of the EU legislative measures to the responsible line ministries is its interoperability and the same technology platform as the Nextsense e-Cabinet system.

The functionalities of the acquis distribution system are further enhanced with the setting of the Law Approximation Database, development of functionality to store and manage information on basic financial implications of the legal initiatives, and development of a collaboration tool for preparation of the narrative part of the NPISAA document.

The essential functions of the Law Approximation Database (LAD) are to:

  • Store up-to-date information on National and EU legislation;
  • Store up-to-date information on correlations and compatibility levels between EU and national legal acts;
  • Serve as a tool to assess, plan and monitor the process of approximation and harmonization of the National and EU legislation;
  • Have reporting features that would make the process of preparing the NPISAA more efficient

The core functionalities of the collaboration tool for preparation of the National Plan for Implementation of Stabilisation and Association Agreement (NPISAA) provide the following:

  • Support team work and collaboration in the process of preparation;
  • Powerful tool for the coordinators, which enables them to have an up-to-date overview of the process and document status in any given moment (reporting);
  • Support division and delegation of the work to working groups as well as automatic compilation of the document;
  • Support flexible assignment and management of the working group members and their roles within the process.