e-Services is a centralized and standardized Information Portal that improves the access and use of information from the public sector. The e-Services portal provides citizens and businesses with a simple access to the services of the public administration and at the same time it promotes online Government-citizens interaction.

e-Services represents a central point of information access (one-stop-shop) not just for the services that the government offers to its citizens and businesses, but also for foreign citizens and entities who need interaction with the government.

The Intranet portal enables personalization that reduces the time needed to access frequently accessed content, and at the same time facilitates finding the relevant information.

“Through this portal, citizens are able to find information for most of the government services all in one place, instead of visiting the government offices or searching through dozens of Web sites.”

Benefits of the e-Services Portal

  • improves the national and local government's effectiveness in meeting the needs of its citizens
  • saves time and money in government operations by eliminating inefficient practices and processes
  • improves the quality of services, communication and information within government