We provide a wide range of ICT solutions for e-business and e-company:

  • software design, development and deployment,
  • upgrade of existing software & services, maintenance and support
  • solutions tailored to your company’s processes, applications and back end systems
  • consultancy and support for rebranding and implementation of new products

Our dedicated professional team support our partners internal resources in digitalization of processes, re-branding, quality assurance and support & maintenance.

The advantage of our business is that the distance doesn’t matter - we can work on international projects remotely, just as being in your country. We share the same cultural values with in-house team and we are all fluent in English, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin languages.

Our customers are strong international telco corporations and their subsidiaries. We are equally present on home and on international markets. Distance doesn’t matter to us, we provide services remotely, localized to your needs.

Why Partnership with Nextsense:

  • Cost effective innovative solutions for growing e-business & e-company
  • Sophisticated options for increase of the sales volume/cross sale/upsale
  • Implementing online targeted marketing features for sales increase
  • Full client management & support
    • Dedicated team of professionals with certified competencies
    • Competent team manager with sound telco experience and knowledge of DT standards
    • Support 24/7
  • Guaranteed security standards
  • Quality assurance
  • User training
  • Periodical presentation of new ideas & concepts
  • Reliability

There are a lot of ICT providers, but only a few make a real difference in your business.