The excellent cooperation between Nextsense and T-Mobile Macedonia on the t-mobile.com.mk web sites started in June 2007 and it extends until this very day. Throughout this period of time, Nextsense has proven to be a reliable provider of products, services, know-how and maintenance, but also a partner in the process of finding the best possible solution for the specific needs and requests of T-Mobile.

www.t-mobile.com.mk is a significant channel for communication between T-Mobile and their customers while enhancing the T-Mobile brand experience. Our professional team designed and built a public portal which integrated the brand attributes and corporate standards of T-Mobile.

Using given brand standards, we developed a well-organized web portal based on a custom designed content management system, making the process of publishing information on the public T-Mobile portal much easier.


Visitors of the Web site will have an opportunity to join mailing list and receive various types of newsletters. In Subscribe part they can choose which type of newsletter they are interested in (e.g. for business users / residential, promotion of new products etc.).

iPhone & PDA version

Nextsense created the T-Mobile PDA portal. It was designed by .NET technology and divided into three sections depending on the mobile device used. In case you have an iPhone and navigate the t-mobile.mk website, you will be immediately redirected to the iPhone version of the portal which has many visual characteristics of iPhone applications. If you change the vertical orientation to the horizontal one, the portal will be adapted to the new display resolution. This portal version is maximally optimized in order to quickly get the information required and having the iPhone native look. The second part is related to the devices based on Microsoft Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian operation systems and devices with relatively large display. You will be also redirected to this version if you navigate the T-Mobile Macedonia website from the above mentioned mobile devices. In this version we focused on the web page complexity and image sizes because of the different resolutions characteristic of this group of mobile devices and, unlike the iPhone version, it reduces the appearance of web pages which are not supported by these mobile devices. The other mobile devices with very small display resolutions can display very small images which will be redirected to the minimal portal version containing small graphics and no effects ensuring swift access to information from these devices of very small processor power.

Generally, the main advantages of the portal include speed, adaptability and modern look of all mobile devices which are reality for the leading world companies.

Web’n Walk portal

Development of this portal give to T-Mobile clients’ newest information on their mobile devices, a lot of fun and direct access to most viewed sites.

Web’n Walk portal functionalities:

  • Weather forecast
  • Newest information, fun content with pictures
  • Direct access to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hi5
  • My links – Add your choice of links
  • T-zones of content: download music, video, games

Top up for pre-paid clients

Top-up application gives an e-business service to its clients. Introducing an electronic system now is a more convenient and faster way to recharge prepaid credit and paying bills via Internet with credit or debit card. All you need is an Internet access and a bank card!

WAP T-Mobile


Nextsense for T-Mobile Macedonia developed a custom CMS solution dedicated for Wap portal, which makes mobile devices’ users to satisfy their eager for information. Wap.t-mobile.com.mk gives better access to needed information.