Nextsense .NET projects

  • Electronic Employment SystemOpen or Close

    The one-stop-shop system for employment and employers which improves the employment services efficiency, simplifies the process of employment of new employees, improves the experience of job seekers, enhances the citizen participation, businesses as well as the government confidence, and enables cost savings for the citizens, businesses and the government itself.

  • e-Employment PortalOpen or Close

    This portal enables administration and management of the workforce which minimizes the financial impact of non-occupational disabilities through the administration of the Disability Insurance program. This solution serves as the central source for information on Macedonia’s labor market and encourages self-sufficiency in the current and future workforce.

  • CSA – Central RegisterOpen or Close

    This solution comprises recording and management of data for each public administration employee, including all the changes in their career, such as: change of jobs, positions (e.g. promotions), additional training and further education, etc.

  • System for automated allocationOpen or Close

    The introduction of the electronic manner of obtaining CEMT licenses is one of the most essential measures for the fight against crime and corruption which we have announced and already implemented. This system gives the Ministry of transport and communication the opportunity to display its full dedication towards the modernization and increase in transparency of the process of assigning CEMT licenses to transport companies, and at the same time, avoid or completely eliminate the human factor in order to decrease the possibilities for corruptive behavior

  • ApplyOnlineOpen or Close

    Provides much easier and more transparent way to apply for job position in the State Administration. ApplyOnline enables an online process for publishing of open job positions, submitting applications of candidates, automated administrative selection of candidates, as well as process of testing of candidates. As an alternative to the existing job application submission process, the ApplyOnline enables the candidates to have a Web-based application to apply for job positions.

    • MASIT Public Sector Award 2005
    • WITSA Public Sector Nomination 2006
    • WSA Macedonia 2007 Public Sector Award
    • – Editor’s Choice 2008
    • eBanking SystemOpen or Close

      The team managed to create a system that enables the following for the end users:

      • Secure and simple transactions of the bank clients to/from any legal and natural entity in the country by using Internet technologies.
      • Implementation of digital signatures in order to secure payment is compliant with the laws of Republic of Macedonia.
      • Simple and timely issuing of account statements and balance sheets
      • The services that the bank offers are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week