Nextsense HRMS

Nextsense HR system is unified informative site for all employees including the employees in the HR department and the managers.

Nextsense HRMS is a tool set for improving the management of the human resources and provides active participation of all employees in order to improve the organization’s relation towards the employees and which provides:

  • - Distributed process through the whole organization
  • - Organized according the internal rules and procedures
  • - Increased transparency in the human resources’ operations and monitoring
  • - Maximum utilization of the human potential

It is intended for:

  • - Human Resources Department
  • - Larger number of employees
  • - With corporative and social responsibility
  • - With implemented net and collaborative infrastructure

On the functional side, the system has several sub-systems that are seamlessly integrated and interconnected so the end-user will have unique experience across all of them. Those sub-systems are:

  • Civil Servants Registry
  • HR Intelligence & reporting module
  • Training module
  • Recruitment module
  • Exam module
  • Employee Self Service module

Personal information

The system operates based on collected information from employees 

  • Information from the ID (identification document)
  • Birth information
  • Address of permanent residence
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Contact information
  • Marital status
  • Qualifications
  • Contact person in case of emergency
  • Special data
  • User name
  • Spoken languages
  • Skills
  • Supported people
  • Accounting information

Internal organization and systematization of the working places

Internal organization and systematization of the work places provide UNLIMITED number of organization levels.

Internal organization and systematization of the working places defines the organization and the job descriptions.

Each work place is described at least with this information:

  • Job position
  • Job position code
  • Necessary qualifications
  • Necessary minimum working experience
  • Location
  • Special requirements of the job position
  • Number of employees (performers)
  • Special skills needed
  • Answers to
  • Job tasks
  • Permitted locations for access

Registering and Unregistering an employee

There is a history that is recorded and conducted for every employee and for all job positions that he/she has worked in the organization.

The part-time registering of an employee is significantly important in order to keep track of the employee’s career, to check the necessary qualifications of the employee during employment in certain job positions, to define the type of the employment (full time, part time) and to define all specific information connected with the employee of certain job position such as: employment contract, telephone, number of points….

For simplifying the process of registering an unregistering an employee, the system provides employee allocation.

All registering and unregistering of an employee are automatically added to the employees’ career.

Participation in the working groups (bodies)

A special type of application is the Participation in the working groups (bodies). In the module of the internal organization and systematization the job position is created, according from which the employees’ list the same can be chosen.

Third parties participants in certain working groups (bodies)

A special type of application is the participation in the working groups (bodies).

There is possibility in the system for adding individuals who are not employed within the organization.

Absences and keeping records for working time

The module for absence provides planning of absences in the organizational units and there is also one included process for approval by the superiors.

In the part of planning and approving of the absences each superior has the opportunity to review the mutual calendars for reviews of the already approved, as well as for the absences in the process of approval. The request for absence after the approving process is transferred in the department for human resources management for generating a decision. Then it is automatically prepared by the system.

After the absence leave is finished the employee checks in the real absence which then confirmed by his/her superior.

Nextsense HRMS has the possibility for managing the process for requests for overtime work. Based on the information from the existing system for recording the working time and according the legal policy and the Regulations of working time, vacations and absences the system will provide initiation of requests for compensating the overtime work.

Professional training

One of the main obligations of the human resources department is the continuous training and improvement of the employee’s knowledge.

The module for training covers the complete planning process, preparation and monitoring the professional training in one organization.

Evaluating the success

The process of evaluating the success includes grading the successfulness of the performance of every employee.
The process is started in the department for human resources management and everyone who has a role of evaluator (either superior, subordinate or co- workers) receives notification that a new cycle of evaluation has been started.

The acceptance of the task (from the notification) the employee who is being evaluated receives notification to start self-evaluation (evaluation form before the interview). The same employee self-evaluates him/herself for the quality of the tasks he /she has completed.

In the process of self-evaluation the employee can save the evaluation form and continue some other time. After it has been sent, the evaluator sets au an interview through the system.

As a preparation for the interview the evaluator can follow these information:

  • - Self-evaluation made by the employee himself
  • - Review of the history of the previous evaluations
  • - Review of the employee’s education
  • - Review of the employee’s goals and tasks
  • - Review of the employee’s career