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Nextsense presented Secure Multi-browser Java-Less digital signing on E-biz 2018 Conference in Zagreb

Nextsense took part in the E-biz 2018 Conference, held from 26-28.03.2018 in Zagreb, Croatia, on digital banking and security topics. Nextsense’s CEO Vasko Kronevski presented “Secure Multi-browser Java-Less digital signing – shift to digital, increase efficiency and compliance”, introducing the Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension

E-biz 2018 Conference - an international conference on Digital Business Operations organized in Zagreb , is attended by practitioners in government, banking and other industries working on digital transformation within their organizations. Every year, 150+ attendees participate at 26+ sessions and panels, held by experts in field of digital business.

e-biz Conference 2018

Presentation title: Secure Multi browser Java-Less digital signing – shift to digital, increase efficiency and compliance

Electronic Signatures are transforming the way organizations do business, replacing paper document collaboration with online collaboration and workflows. E-Signature is powerful tool for increasing business flow and boost cost saving.

Traditional electronic signing through web browsers with add-in and plug-ins seriously limits browser signing, due to termination of Java support for all modern and secure browsers and increased support dependency. Ongoing market demand for secure and compliant digital signing that will guarantee integrity of e-signed documents requires trusted e-signing.

Signing Suite

Our solution is Nextsense Web Browser Extension - proven digital signing tool that enables quick, easy and secure multi browser Java-Less digital signing of XML or PDF documents. It is result of 15+ years of comprehensive experience and expertise in creating complex digital transformation with digital signing solutions, with more than 100 million electronically signed documents.

Signing Suite

Nextsense multi-browser digital signing solution enables organizations and businesses to digitally sign contract, invoices, purchase orders, approvals, reports directly from your browser. It is the only client signing solution verified, enabled and supported by all versions of leading modern web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Edge) without a need for using Java. We enable browser digital signing of XML or PDF document, time stamping and signature verification.

Our solution is fully compliant with eIDAS technical standards, laws and regulations in the country and EU.

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