Nextsense' support department is established to provide the most competent and most professional support that can be received at the market for wider circle of clients. In the past the support that was provided by Nextsense was limited only for clients that bought software or services from Nextsense. Because of the increased demand for these kinds of services from other clients, Nextsense decided to offer this service as a separate service.

Nextsense’ support department aims to provide its clients well-timed and quality support of their IT infrastructure. The support department employs top experts which are not only certified professionals, but have also proved themselves through the many years of experience, spent at this department.

During the years of effective work we've had the privilege to offer our support service to a wide range of companies among which:

  • Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
  • General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Health insurance fund of Macedonia
  • Public company for water sewage and management
  • Public company for city parking
  • State Audit Office
  • Alkaloid AD Skopje
  • Idea Plus Communication
  • Toyota
  • HalkBank
  • Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje
  • National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Stopanska Banka AD Bitola
  • Delfino
  • Credit 1
  • Lazov Group
  • Eurolease

The way of working, the processes and the structure of this department are strictly defined which guarantees maximal customer satisfaction as well as punctual and accurate fulfillment of the obligations towards the clients. Our team of experienced and certified professionals and our care for the clients makes us an ideal partner for the implementation and maintenance of the different Services that Nextsense offers.

Today the department is working under clearly defined processes and procedures that are regularly audited as part of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000:2011 certification.